KOTOIKE (konsep Records)

Kotoike (Isaac de Martin)

Isaac de Martin aka Kotoike is a British-italian producer and composer based in Berlin since 2013 He implements electronic beats and techno drum-machines into organic sounds he collects during his journeys around the world. Kotoike EP 1 explores the rooted sounds of Japan and it famous traditional string instrument Koto. A ritualistic journey within east and west, strings and machinedrums, soil and dancefloor. Music composed and mixed by Isaac de Martin Riccardo Carli - electric bass (1) Enrico Scriminich - synth (3) Cover photo by Ana Kamburova http://classic.beatport.com/release/ep-1/2840579

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Construction Site


Construction Site (Irma Records)

all songs composed and arranged by IKE (Isaac de Martin) lyrics written by Karla Stereochemistry, Iva Mabbasta and Alice Vivian

featuring musicians are

Isaac de Martin (aka IKE)compostions, guitars, banjo, electric bass, percussions, Fender Rhodes, mixing. Niklas Ahlsved drums Nicola Barbon doublebass Riccardo Carli electric bass/doublebass Alaa Arsheed violins Giacomo Li Volsi harps Fabio Calzavara saxophones Karla Stereochemistry vocals Iva Mabbasta vocals Alice Vivian vocals Hannu Lamminmäki trombones Abagar Quartet vocals Krastio Dimov kaval

plus lots of samples from different LP, CDs, field recordings

thanks to my family, thanks to all the musicians who inspired me. As all the people I met and shared emotions that reflect this music. I wish this work inspires you in some way.

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